Testimonials at Baby Steps

Below are some testimonial quotes from mums and dads who have recently attended our First Aid, Weaning and Baby Massage courses.

“We unfortunately had a freak accident the next day, zain kicked a thermos with boiling water in it and scolded himself quite badly on his foot. I did everything you'd mentioned - l'd never thought to use the cling film! I do think I managed the situation with much more confidence when I would have if I'd not attended the session."
Tamara, Belgravia


"A huge thank you for coming on Friday. All of us LOVED the course and feel so much more confident and prepared when it comes to weaning. It was incredibly interesting and everyone has been saying what and amazing teacher you are!"
Annabel, Holland Park


"Thanks for coming on Thursday night, we all found it really useful. Vix had reason to put it to the test when her little boy swallowed her wedding ring! Worked wonderfully well though, so the timing couldn't have been better."
Lottie, Teddington


“We definitely feel more comfortable now, having a protocol should any accidents happen, which has given us a great level of comfort. We were both impressed with Katherine as an instructor, and appreciated her years of experience and knowledge. Top marks to Katherine."
Johnnie, Parsons Green


"It was a great course, full of useful info about weaning, also very relaxed and not too prescriptive as many courses can be. Thanks for your time and your professionalism."
Sara, Hampstead


"It was lovely to meet you and thank you for your invaluable support and advice, and for the bag of literature too. We are truly grateful."
Prishna, Ealing


“We all found the course educational and enjoyable thanks to Katherine who was absolutely excellent.”
Charlie, South Kensington


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 First Aid 

First Aid

Enabling you manage a range of emergencies right through to everyday situations. 




For babies of 4 - 6 months onwards, with step by step advice on how and when to introduce solids.


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