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When your baby has only had milk, whether it’s breast or formula, the thought of giving them ‘real’ food can be a daunting one - especially with the mountain of information out there!

This Weaning Course gives you all the information you need to feel super prepared, with the opportunity to ask questions, whatever stage you are at, and most of all to ensure you’re going to enjoy this time with your baby.

Between 4 – 6 months old your baby will be ready for solid food. Following the latest recommendations, Baby Steps will advise you step-by-step on when and how to introduce different foods to your baby. We discuss different options for weaning including 'traditional' purees, finger foods and ‘baby led weaning’, food preparation and food hygiene, teething and dental care, cups and dummies are also discussed to ensure you feel confident about the many questions that arise during this stage of your baby’s development.

This invaluable one and a half hour course is designed to help you enjoy this exciting stage and make meal times fun. All the information given follows the latest guidelines.  I liaise with Nutritionists and regularly attend courses in Child Health and Nutrition at the Institute of Optimal Nutrition ensuring individual advice.  You will be given a comprehensive booklet covering all info from the course, plus further handouts to refer to at home on your Weaning journey.  

I am on a mission to ensure parents and carers are as well informed as possible when making decisions about their child's nutrition.

"I had tonnes of questions and I am grateful that you were able to answer all of them without me disrupting the flow of the course too much. Thanks for the offer to be able to email in the future, we are very excited to start."
Diana, Muswell Hill..

Weaning Course at Home

The Weaning course can be shared at home with friends or family at a time to suit you. Babies are always welcome.

Appointments for Weaning

I am delighted to offer the course on a one to one basis or the appointment can be shared with a friend.  Just get in touch for more details.    

"Even though I love cooking, it's almost like everything goes out of the window when you have to think about weaning, so it was great to have such useful and practical advice."
Sam, Richmond.. 

If you are feeling nervous about Weaning due to choking or allergic reactions then book onto a First Aid or Weaning Safely course to give you peace of mind.

Contact us to arrange a Weaning Course with friends or to book an appointment.


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 At Home

Courses can take place in the comfort and convenience of your own home.


 First Aid 

First Aid

Enabling you manage a range of emergencies right through to everyday situations. 


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